Life at TEE

  • Kathy ChiamManager, Human Resources
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    TEE has a diversified business model with ample opportunities for you to advance in your career. Moreover, people here are friendly and brilliant, willing to share their experiences and knowledge with you anytime.

    Being part of the HR team has given me exposure towards building the career of many people. To be able to help forge the talent pool for the company enables me to achieve great insights towards human resources development.

    Part of my job scope allows me to hold company events, creating engagement and bonding sessions among fellow colleagues. Seeing their smiles, laughter, and the fun they have is my greatest joy and pride.

  • Lee Chong TatSenior Project Engineer
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    When I joined TEE 4 years ago as a fresh graduate, I was given on-job training and I realised it is the most effective way to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a construction project.

    I enjoy working at TEE due to the cohesive working environment, where everyone works as a team and helps each other. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and experience so the same mistake will not be repeated.

    Besides, my bosses are very open minded and supportive. They are willing to listen to feedback and whenever I face bottlenecks in my project planning and execution, additional resources will be made available to me.